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Special Projects  |  IT Consulting  | Staff Augmentation


Special Projects  |  IT Consulting  |  Staff Augmentation


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Technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how it is used.

Five Ways Technology Makes Businesses More Effective


Are you wondering how you can make strategic use of technology within your business? Download this checklist and discover five ways to use technology to make your business run smoother and be more productive.

Five Ways Technology Negatively Impacts Your Business


Download this checklist and discover the five ways technology can be causing your business to run at less than peak efficiency and the five things you need to ask to make sure you have a clear vision of how information technology is impacting your business.

The Power to Control More Aspects of Your Business--On Your Terms

Rapid Results and Sustainable, Measurable Value

Envoy wants you to experience stress-free service!  

Envoy provides onsite and remote Managed IT Services around the country with our fully managed support team, security expertise and infrastructure development.   Envoy alleviates the need for on-site personnel with high-quality professionals that monitor your security, updates, manage your IT systems, wire your offices for wifi, provide disaster recovery and many other solutions to minimize the headache and maximize the productivity.


We make our managed services work for you to simplify your daily operations!  We customize a plan to address your technology needs, so you can focus more on your business and less on IT problems and concerns.

Networks have pain points. The sooner you identify them, the better off you'll be.

Envoy provides two free assessments to help you better understand you network so you can simplify your systems and identify the vulnerabilities in your security.

WiFi Assessment

An Envoy Wireless Site Survey is the best way to ensure a problem-free wireless network. Use our Wireless Site Survey to get more performance out of your IT dollars and maximize the return on your wireless investment.

Network Assessment

Our FREE Network Assessment examines the health of your IT infrastructure, diagnosis weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and provides cost-effective solutions to keep your IT systems in tip-top shape.