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What Is IT Managed Services, and How Does It Help My Business?

IT Managed Services is on-demand outsourcing to manage the operations, systems and technology for your small business.

We reduce the cost of keeping an on-site IT staff, we provide customized business solutions to keep your business modern and relevant, and we monitor threats and risks before you even notice them. 

Most of our clients have limited knowledge about IT networks, ransomware and potential threats that can cripple their business.  They experience low WiFi connectivity, excessive downtime in their day-to-day operations and they spend way too much time "troubleshooting" software, bugs and other computer malfunctions when they could be focusing on business and productivity.

We are the hall monitors of your business operations!  We customize a business plan that identifies your business goals, security needs and technology such as WiFi, Cabling, Installation, Phone Services, Software Updates, Disaster Recovery, System Backup and Monitoring of potential threats to your Network.

So, why do you need IT Managed Services?


The question should be WHY DON'T YOU!


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Westbend II

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